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SKU: Ridgid 37413

RIDGID 37413 KJ-3100 Water Jetter with Pulse



• (1) Jetter
• (1) H-111 Nozzle
• (1) H-112 Nozzle
• (1) H-38 Hose Reel with 200' Jet Hose
• (1) 50' Jet/Wash Hose
• (1) FV-1 Foot Valve
• (1) Nozzle Cleaning Tool
• (1) HW-30 Wash Wand
• (1) RR-3000 Root Ranger Nozzle

• Powerful: Actual working pressure of 3000 psi and flow of 5.5 GPM for fast, effective cleaning of lines.
• Lightweight Hose: Hose with nylon braid provides significant weight reduction and increased flexibility – all without reducing strength. Allows the thrust to propel the hose further down the line.
• Complete: With the Model KJ-3100’s removable hose reel, there is no need to purchase expensive portable hose reels. Standard packages come equipped to handle indoor and remote applications.
• Convenient: Completely remove the hose reel to ease loading onto service trucks. Simply rotate the hose reel forward to gain full access to the engine’s gas tank and air filter.
• Maneuverable: In the heavy-duty 3000 psi jetter category, the RIDGID KJ-3100 is one of the most maneuverable jetters on the market. The unit, on its unique two-wheeled cart, easily fits through standard size doors and can negotiate tight turns with the greatest of ease.
• Pulse Action: Activate the Model KJ-3100’s pulse action to easily negotiate difficult bends and traps.
• Quality & Dependability: Triplex pump with corrosion-resistant, forged brass head. Gear reducer allows pump to run at slower (optimal) speed. Reduced number of fittings, hoses and parts minimizes leaks and downtime – keeping you on the job.
• Versatile: Power wash package and chemical injector system cleans cables, tools, and other heavily soiled equipment.
• Quick Start: 16 HP Recoil start gasoline engine starts easily. Features: ON/OFF switch; fuel shutoff; choke and throttle controls; easy access oil fill and dip stick.

• Max Pressure: 3000 PSI
• Max Flow Rate: 5.5 GPM
• 16 HP Engine

The RIDGID Model KJ-3100 portable water jetter gives you 3000 psi actual working pressure to handle large commercial and industrial applications. This jetter propels a highly flexible and lightweight hose through 2" to 10" lines – blasting through sludge, soap, grease, and sediment blockages. As you pull the hose back, it power scrubs the line flushing debris away and restoring drain lines to their full, free-flowing capacity – all without the use of harmful chemicals.