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Part Number: VKA UPC: 757033023406 Weight: 14.4


Reed VKA Specifications:

•  Length: 65.0"

•  Weight: 18.8 lbs

Reed VKA Includes:

•  (1) Adjustable Valve Key for 2" Square Nut on Mains

Reed VKA Features:

•  Reed’s selection of Valve Keys is the most complete and most compact available to turn gate valves in the street and curb stop valves to individual buildings. Under 4 feet long when telescoped down, Reed keys fit well in today’s smaller utility trucks, behind pickup seats, or in car trunks. Telescoping out allows lengths of approximately 5 feet and 7 feet, and ordering extension shafts gives a total length of almost 13 feet. T-handles can include different tools on their ends for turning curb stops, and other clip-on tool options can turn small valve wheels, curb box rods, pentagon bolts, and Buffalo box lids. All these choices let Reed customers select keys according to the needs of their systems.

•  Reed Valve Keys are made from heavy gauge steel mechanical tubing, with other features of strength such as solid steel machined Curb Key ends.

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