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  • Reed R12DN3/4 R12+ Segmental Dies - 3/4” NPT
SKU: Reed R12DN3/4

Reed R12DN3/4 R12+ Segmental Dies - 3/4” NPT



Reed R12DN 3/4 Specifications:
•  Size: 3/4” NPT
•  Weight: 0.2 lbs

Reed R12DN 3/4 Includes:
•  (1) R12+ Segmental Dies - 3/4” NPT

Reed R12DN 3/4 Features:
•  Reed high-speed steel (HSS) R12+ Segmental Dies have cutting edges manufactured in-house by precision CNC machinery. The 1/2" through 2" die segments are available in NPT, NPSM, NPT for PVC, and BSPT. The design of the dies enables smooth chip flow and easy cutting. R12+ die sets are replaceable parts for Reed R12+ Dropheads, as well as the following Ridgid® dropheads: 00-R, 111-R, 12-R, 0-R, 11-R, 30A and 31A threaders.
•  Reed R12+ Dropheads ship completely assembled and ready to use with HSS segmental dies already in place. R12+ Dropheads are can be used manually with the ratchet ring and handle (#05638) or with Reed’s 700PD and 701PD Power Drives. Reed's R12+ dropheads are interchangeable with Ridgid® 12-R dropheads and can also be utilized in the Ridgid® 700 Power Drive.
•  Reed R12+ Drophead Threader Sets include complete dropheads in sizes from ½” to 2” NPT, NPSM, BSPT or for PVC (NPT thread). Each set has a ratchet ring and handle. In addition, the Reed R12+ ratcheting ring• •  accepts all Ridgid® 12-R dropheads.
•  R12+ Ratchet Ring and Handle can also be ordered separately by using Item Code #05638.