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Part Number: OLKIT1 UPC: 757033061583 Weight: 2.5



Reed Oilers effectively deliver threading oil as the gun-and-trigger approach makes it easy to pump oil directly on the work. The rugged and completely portable Reed OLBUCKT1 (#06150) comes with a 20-gauge steel bucket and steel drip pan/chip tray along with oil gun, a 60” industrial-grade hose and one gallon of dark oil. OLBUCKT1WC (#06152) is an OLBUCKT1 Oiler plus a cover and elastic-fitting lid. #97375 drip pan/chip tray is available separately and interchanges with Ridgid’s® plastic chip tray. The oiler system double-filters and recirculates oil as the chip tray catches the big waste pieces and the filter strains out any small particles. Oil gun features a sturdy nozzle made from turned aluminum. Oiler ships with one gallon of Reed Threadguard dark cutting oil (#06120). OLKIT1 is the oil gun, hose, cap, clamp, and seal. Note: Approximately one gallon of oil in the bucket is required to meet the minimum fill line. Use Reed Dark or Clear Threadguard Cutting Oil for best results.

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