Reed OLKIT1 Oiler Accessory - Oil Gun & Hose



• (1) Bottle

• 60" hose.
• Sturdy nozzle made from solid aluminum (not made from thin tubing).
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Reed Oilers effectively deliver threading oil as the gun-and-trigger approach makes it easy to pump oil directly on the work. The rugged and completely portable Reed OLBUCKT1 (#06150) comes with a 20-gauge steel bucket and steel drip pan/chip tray along with oil gun, a 60” industrial-grade hose and one gallon of dark oil. OLBUCKT1WC (#06152) is an OLBUCKT1 Oiler plus a cover and elastic-fitting lid. #97375 drip pan/chip tray is available separately and interchanges with Ridgid’s® plastic chip tray. The oiler system double-filters and recirculates oil as the chip tray catches the big waste pieces and the filter strains out any small particles. Oil gun features a sturdy nozzle made from turned aluminum. OLBUCKT1 ships with one gallon of Reed Threadguard dark cutting oil (#06120). OLKIT1 includes the oil gun, hose, cap, clamp and seal. NOTE: Approximately one gallon of oil in the bucket is required to meet the minimum fill line for hose penetration. Use Reed Dark or Clear Threadguard Cutting Oil for best results. NOTE: Please recycle or dispose of used threading oil according to the regulations of your own state or country. RIDGID® is a registered trademark of Ridgid, Inc. and is not associated with Reed Manufacturing Company.