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  • Reed 5301PD Power Drive - 5301Pd (38 Rpm)
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Reed 5301PD Power Drive - 5301Pd (38 Rpm)



• (1) Power Drive

• Available in 120V or 240V, depending on location needs.
• 5301PDCOMP "complete" comes w HSS (High Speed Steel) Universal Dies versus the competitor’s alloy steel dies.

Reed’s 5301PD Power Drive rotates the pipe while cutting, threading, or reaming operations are performed on up to 2" diameter pipe or bolt. The flat housing top provides a handy workspace. The 240V power drive models offer higher torque to thread faster. (This is especially noticeable on 2" pipe jobs.) Reed offers both basic 5301PD power drive machines with foot pedal and the COMP complete models including a tripod, transporter, carriage, reamer, pipe cutter, universal die head, high speed steel (HSS) universal dies, oiler and cutting oil. 5301PD is approved to the latest US and CSA Canada standards!