SKU: Reed 07620

Reed 07620 SAWITSD2 Saw It Pneumatic Saw



• (1) Pneumatic Saw

• Saw It® SAWITSD2 cuts plastic, steel and other metal pipe using pneumatic power.
• More powerful air motor (old motor 1.5 HP; new 2 HP).
• Better cutting performance (up to 20% faster cut).
• Adjustable airflow direction for exhaust.
• Blades sold separately. Use Reed's Power Hack Saw Blades.

• Length: 27
• Width: 10.5
• Height: 5.5

Saw It® pneumatic saw provides power and reciprocating motion to blades. Used with Power Hack Saw Blades (sold separately), this saw cuts plastic, steel, stainless steel, and C900/C905 PVC pipe. SAWITSD2 model improvements include more powerful air motor, up to 20% faster cutting performance and adjustable exhaust flow air direction. Saw It turns and works freely, along with starting easy and running smoothly. As a safety feature, a trigger lock prevents accidental “on” if the trigger is bumped or pressed unintentionally. Saw It® needs 6” clearance beyond the pipe to accommodate blade movement. The Saw It® must have a means to hold it in place and the recommended Saw It® Vise (sold separately) provides stability and safety for the cut. Optional Blade Guides provide directional guidance for the saw. Maximum capacity is blade and blade guide dependent. Saw It cuts up to 24” diameter pipe when used with the Saw It Vise and a 12” chain extension. Saw It cuts up to 20” (500 mm) diameter pipe when used with recommended SAWITBG30 blade guide. Pneumatic saws are less likely to ignite materials than gas-powered saws and even some electrical-powered saws. However, the Saw It is not recommended for gas lines. Saw It Vise #04600 fits 4” - 12” diameter pipe. When one chain extension, 6” or 12”, is added, the vise capacity increases to 18” or 24” respectively. NOTE: Always use a Filter-Regulator-Lubricator (FRL) with Reed pneumatic tools like the Saw It®. Reed offers FRL #97591 for user convenience. 14 TPI work on materials at least 1/8” thick. 8 TPI work on materials at least 3/16” thick. Use fewer teeth per inch on softer materials like plastic.