SKU: Reed 04463

Reed 04463 PLASOH Plastic Hand Over Hand Rotary Cutter



• (1) Hand-over-Hand Rotary Pipe Cutter

• Excellent for cutting PVC or PE pipe in-trench or above ground.
• Attached handles permit fast hand-turning – about half the cutting time of a regular PLAS cutter.
• Leaves a disposable remnant (not dust or chips) that is easy to recycle.
• Simple to transport and fast to use on PE and PVC.

• Length: 15.5
• Width: 11
• Height: 8

Exclusive to Reed, PLAS Hand-over-Hand Rotary™ Cutters excel at cutting 4” to 12” (106 - 335 mm) diameter PVC or PE pipe in-trench or above ground. They feature attached handles which permit fast hand-turning. With the cutter around the pipe, the operator turns it for one revolution, feeds the cut-off blade closer to the pipe, and continues turning/feeding as needed. These OH models require 11" (280 mm) clearance. Attached handles means there is no need to reposition a handle after each turn, compared to a regular PLAS model. Plus, the built-in handle convenience equals no loose parts. Outboard rollers keep the cutter aligned on pipe, ensuring a square cut every time. Each PLAS cutter also can produce, in-line with the cut, a 15° bevel on both sides of the cut. For PVC pipe, the long-lasting carbide-tipped blades penetrate up to a 2” wall thickness. For PE pipe, Reed developed a hardened, tool steel blade. The engineered blade tip drives chips out of the way, making PE cuts easy to accomplish. PLAS In-Line Rotary Cutters can retrofit from PVC to PE or vice versa with alternative PLAS In-Line Rotary™ Pipe Cutter Blades. *PLAS cutters will cut PVC and PE Pipe. Specific limitations for PE are as follows:2” (38.1 mm) wall thickness PE - up to 12” pipe