SKU: Reed 03307

Reed 03307 LCRC4S Low Clearance Rotary Cutter



• (1) Rotary Pipe Cutter

• Cuts 2 – 4" steel pipe.
• Change the cutter wheels to use this model to cut cast iron and ductile iron pipe.
• Features a slip-on handle that is used to both tighten and turn the cutter around the pipe in one direction.
• Only needs 4" (102 mm) clearance around the pipe which means these tools cut pipes that other tools cannot reach.
• Heavy-duty, ductile iron frames.

• Length: 19.5
• Width: 12
• Height: 2.5

Cut pipe quickly and with minimal digging using Reed Low Clearance Rotary™ Cutters. The low profile design of the LCRC models needs only 5 inch (127 mm) clearance for up to 16 inch pipe diameter. Safe, clean, straight cuts are easy with these manual-operated cutters. They cold cut large diameter steel, most stainless steel, ductile, and cast iron pipe in close quarters. LCRC cutters are supplied with a slip-on handle that is used to turn and tighten the cutter. With good leverage from the tool’s long handle, pipe snaps off squarely before the cutter wheels penetrate halfway through the pipe. Provides a square cut and can be used in close quarters anywhere – in the ditch, underwater, in noise-free zones, over head, in racks of pipes, etc. With general maintenance and cutter wheel replacement, Reed’s Low Clearance Rotary™ Cutters last for decades.