SKU: ProLube 43362

ProLube 43362 High Power Air Grease Gun, 6000psi



• Air-powered single shot grease gun designed for industrial use in factories, farms, and fleet service
• Gun is made from die cast aluminum for improved precision and durability
• Pressurized to 6000 PSI and can deliver up to 85 gm/minute or 3 oz./minute in free flow
• Accepts 14 oz. grease cartridge or 500cc bulk, and delivers 0.68 g/shot or 1 oz./40 shots
• Perfect for automotive, industrial, and agricultural purposes

Single shot air-powered grease gun designed for use in industry, whether automotive, agricultural, or factory. The body is die cast from strong aluminum, with the grease cartridge on top to improve balance. Accepts 14 oz. grease cartridges as well as 500cc bulk, and is fitted with a bulk loader valve. The air operating range is between 40-120 PSI with a pressure ratio of 50:1 and 1 cfm or higher air compressor volume. Has threaded female air inlet 1/4" wide (each gun is supplied with a male quick coupler fitting). Grease is pressurized up to 6000 PSI.