SKU: ProLube 43252

ProLube 43252 Mini Pistol Grip Grease Gun, Deluxe, Black



• Hand-operated grease gun for use in confined spaces with convenient pull operating mechanism
• Gun has forward and top ports for use with steel or hose fixtures
• Air operating range from 40-120 PSI with at least 1 cfm air compressor volume
• Grease gun delivers up to 0.40 gm/stroke or 0.60 oz/40 strokes
• Perfect for automotive and DIY purposes

Smaller pistol-grip grease gun used for lighter DIY and automotive work. Head made from steel, and grip made from solid plastic. Two ports allow for use in a variety of situations. Gun is pressurized up to 3500PSI, and delivers 0.40 gm/stroke. Complete with 4" steel extension and 4 jaw coupler with ball check. Accepts 3 oz. cartridges.