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SKU: Nupla 72096

Nupla 72096 Ergo-Power Drain and Garden Spade



• (1) Ergo-Power® Drain and Garden Spade

• Stronger than wood, built to last
• Industrial grade steel blades, available in Heavy Gauge and Closed Back
• Super-duty handle made tough from thousands of fiberglass strands encased in a proprietary resin 
• Made in USA, Lifetime Warranty

• Gauge: 16
• Blade Dimension: 4.75" x 16"
• Blade Style: Hollow Back
• Handle Length: 27"
• Grip style: D
• Weight: 15.5 lbs

Nupla has been an innovator for over 70 years in the development of fiberglass technologies and has earned the reputation as the industry standard for fiberglass striking, cutting, digging, and fire tools. Nupla handles are unaffected by sub zero temperatures, do not conduct heat or cold and are impervious to industrial chemicals. Nupla handles are also non-conductive and have a built in dielectric safety feature since Lifetime Nuplaglas is one of the finest insulators available. The 27 in. Drain Spade handle is solid pultruded fiberglass made with thousands of fiberglass strands and a unique resin making it super strong and resistant to weather, chemicals and insects (unlike most wooden handles). The Shovel can be used for house and road construction, farming, landscaping, utilities, and any other heavy duty application requiring concerted use of force.