SKU: Milwaukee 5319-DE

Milwaukee 5319-DE Dry Coring Dust Extraction Attachment



• (1) 5319-DE Dry Coring Dust Extraction Attachment
• (1) 43-31-0016 Brush Ring
• (1) 49-90-1959 Hose Clip Adapter

• Bit Capacity: Up to 6"
• OSHA TABLE 1 Compliant (With 8960-20)
• Removable Brush Rings
• Vacuum Assisted Suction Adheres to Even and Uneven Surfaces
• Quick and Easy Attachment to Hose Clip Adapter 49-90-1959
• Rubber Seal Ensures Dust Containment

• Length: 15.28"
• Height: 2.61"
• Width: 8.15"

The 5319-DE Dry Core Drilling Dust Extraction Attachment allows users to be OSHA compliant when drilling with larger diameter rotary hammer bits or core bits. The attachment works with the Milwaukee 8-Gallon Dust Extractor (8960-20) to eliminate dust when drilling or dry coring with bits up to 6" in diameter. The vacuum suction allows the attachment to stick to the wall or ground for easy and accurate drilling/coring.