SKU: Milwaukee 49-26-1082
UPC: 045242185375
Weight: 0.09 lbs

Milwaukee 49-26-1082 Tek Screw Driver Locator Assembly


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• Patented Ramp-Off Locator
• Acetal resin formulated for maximum toughness but lightweight
• Positive depth selection indexes 1/64 in. per two clicks

Low cost, lightweight depth locator for Milwaukee 6790-20 Self-Drill Fastener Screwdriver. Acetal resin formulated for maximum toughness. The patented ramp-off locator has depth adjustment designed for the professional. The positive indexing nose is indexed in 1/64 inch increments per two clicks of the index tabs. Rotate the nose to the right to set the fastener deeper. Rotate the nose to the left for a more shallow setting

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