SKU: Milwaukee 49-22-0240

Milwaukee 49-22-0240 8-Piece Sawzall Blade Set



• Two (2) 6" 18 TPI blades
• Two (2), 6" 14 TPI blades
• Two (2) 6" 6 TPI blades
• Two (2) 9" 6 TPI blade
• One (1) Storage Pouch

• Includes New wood blades featuring NAIL GUARD ™ and FANG TIP ™
• NAIL GUARD ™ combines an aggressive 5 TPI pattern for faster cutting, with a unique design that protects against tooth fractures.
• The FANG TIP ™ design bites into wood on first contact for faster plunging.
• Precision forming process creates sharper teeth for fast cutting.
• Double relief angle reduces tooth stress for long life.
• Matrix II bi-metal teeth for greater durability.
• Roll-up pouch for convenient blade storage.

• TPI/Grit Carbide Grit
• Package Quantity 1

The Milwaukee® 8 piece Sawzall® blade set features an assortment of standard wood and Ice Hardened™ metal cutting Sawzall® blades for a broad range of professional applications. The set includes two 6" wood cutting blades for increased control, two 9" wood cutting blade for greater cutting capacity, two 6" 14TPI blades for medium to thick metal cutting and two 6" 18 TPI blades for thin metal cutting. The set also includes a roll-up pouch for convenient blade storage.