SKU: Milwaukee 48-62-6031

Milwaukee 48-62-6031 5/8" X 10" SDS-PLUS Ground Rod Driver



• (1) SDS+ 5/8"X10" GROUND ROD DRIVER (48-62-6031)

• Works with SDS-Plus Rotary Hammers in hammer only mode
• Alternative to manual ground rod driving
• Overall length is 10”

• Length: 10.25"
• Height: 1.13
• Width: 1.13
• Weight: 1.34 lbs

Milwaukee® chisels are made from high grade, forged steel, providing up to 20% longer life. The SDS-Plus 5/8” x 10” Ground Rod Driver is an ideal solution for driving common ground rods for electrical circuits into soft soil. Designed to drive ½” and 5/8” diameter temporary and permanent ground rods, the SDS-Plus Ground Rod Driver is a great tool for residential and commercial grounding applications. The SDS-Plus shank allows the Ground Rod Driver to be used in SDS-Plus tools, providing an alternative to manual ground rod driving methods. The SDS-Plus Ground Rod Driver is designed to work hammer only mode.