SKU: Milwaukee 47-53-2816

Milwaukee 47-53-2816 CABLE DRIVE Assembly for M18 Drum Machine



• (1) CABLE DRIVE™ Assembly for M18™ Drum Machine

• For Use with M18™ Drum Machine for 3/8” – 1/2” Cables (2817A-21)
• Feeds and Retracts Cable up to 15-20 Feet Per Minute
• Ratcheting Lever to Automatically Adjust to Cable Diameter
• RAPID STOP™ Release of CABLE DRIVE™ Bearings
• Adjustable for Forward, Neutral, Reverse
• Twist Lock Attachment Allows CABLE DRIVE™ Assembly to Be Easily Removed
• Compatible with Competitive Cables: Yes
• Steel Bearings for Increased Durability
• Allows for Manual Feeding and Retracting of Cable if Needed, while CABLE DRIVE™ Assembly is Attached

The MILWAUKEE® CABLE DRIVE™ Assembly for the M18™ Drum Machine (48-53-2816) provides you with the ability to automatically feed and retract cables through 1-1/4” to 4” lines at up to 15-20 feet per minute. The ratcheting lever automatically adjusts for the MILWAUKEE® 3/8" and 1/2" inner core drain cleaning cables. The RAPID STOP™ release of the steel bearings provides a quick way to release the cable once the blockage is reached, preventing the cable from binding. The twist-lock feature allows the CABLE DRIVE™ Assembly to be easily swapped between your drums for maximum efficiency.