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  • Marson 40122 Sb48 Steel/Steel Blind Rivet, Packaged, 500 Pack
SKU: Marson 40122

Marson 40122 Sb48 Steel/Steel Blind Rivet, Packaged, 500 Pack



• (1) Box of 500 rivets

• Solid steel Flat head rivet
• Plain finish

• Diameter: 1/8"
• Head: Button
• Head Diameter: 0.250"
• Length: 0.650"
• Specification: Asme B18.1.1
• Type: Blind Rivet
• Drill Size: #30
• Head Height: 0.040"
• Hole Size: 0.129" - 0.133"
• Material - Body/Mandrel : Steel/Steel
• Tensile Strength: 410 Lb
• Series: Sb4-8
• Grip Range: 0.376" - 0.500"
• Finish - Body/Mandrel : Plain

Marson 40122 offers a full line of headed rivets for general consumer and industrial applications. The materials and manufacturing processes used to head rivet bodies increases their shear and tensile strength values over eyelet-style rivets. These easy-to-use rivets are used to fasten together two or more pieces of material of varying thickness. The shear and tensile strength of the rivet selected and the number of rivets used in the application should equal or exceed the joint strength requirements. Typical ultimate shear and tensile values of Klik-Fast rivets are listed by rivet body diameter and alloy. Determine the total material thickness to be joined; refer to the Grip Range column on the specific page, select the rivet size that meets or exceeds the application thickness.