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  • Malco C5A2 Turbocrimper 1/4" Impact, Hex Chuck
SKU: Malco C5A2

Malco C5A2 Turbocrimper 1/4" Impact, Hex Chuck



• (1) Power Assisted Crimper

• Quickly Makes Your Impact Driver a Power Crimper
• Crimps 30-24 Gauge (0.41-0.71 mm) Round Metal Duct
• No Set-Up or Adjustment
• Compact, Easy to Maneuver and Balance

• Color / Finish: Black
• Crimping Size (in): 1
• Material: Steel

The Malco turbo crimper impact is a simple, compact accessory that works exclusively with the power assistance of impact Driver technology to safely and efficiently crimp 30 to 24 gauge (0.41 to O.71 mm) galvanized round duct and (0.31 to 0.61 mm) black stove pipe. The turbo crimper impact does not require set-up or adjustment. Just chuck the 1/4 inch power groove drive shaft to your cordless or corded (min.12 volt DC / max. 7 amp AC) impact Driver to immediately begin crimping multiple sizes, types and thickness of pipe and duct, including spiral duct, fast and easy. With the pipe or duct Seam in closed position, start the crimp to one side of the Seam by gently tugging on the Driver trigger and angling the turbo crimper impact onto the metal edge. Walk the Crimper around the pipe circumference in a controlled manner and then angle the Crimper off the metal as the Crimper approaches the other side of the Seam. The turbo crimper impact is five times faster than a manual crimping tool based on Actual Field trials! it is comfortable for any operator to maneuver and, lefties take Note, it works with the impact Driver in forward or reverse. The handy little turbo crimper impact is a Must-Have accessory for every HVAC installer and easily stores in a ready tool pouch or bag when not in use.