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  • Makita GAD01Z 40V Max Right Angle Drill w/ GRJ01Z 40V Recip Saw & FREE Battery
SKU: ZZ Makita GAD01Z[1]_GRJ01Z[1]_BL4040[1]

Makita GAD01Z 40V Max Right Angle Drill w/ GRJ01Z 40V Recip Saw & FREE Battery



• Drill Chuck
• Chuck Key
• (1) GRJ01Z 40V max XGT® Recipro Saw, Tool Only
• (1) BL4040 40V max XGT® 4.0Ah Battery

• Makita built brushless motor with two speed, variable speed (0-400 RPM and 0-1,500 RPM) for maximum efficiency and a wide range of drilling applications
• Drills up to 6-1/4" holes with hole saws and 4-5/8" holes with self feed bits
• Weighs only 12.8 lbs. with battery and ergonomic design for operator comfort (battery not included)
• Torque limiter; built-in clutch reduces gear damage by disengaging gears if the bit binds
• Built-in L.E.D light with pre-glow and afterglow illuminates the work area
• Electric brake for maximum productivity
• Soft start feature for smooth start-ups
• Auto power-off feature preserves battery and tool life
• Includes chuck key with convenient on-tool storage
• Side handle attaches to either side of the tool for convenient right or left handed use
• Retractable tool hook secures the tool when not in use; optional tether can be attached to tool hook
• XPT™ is engineered to provide increased dust and water resistance in harsh jobsite conditions
• The digital communication within XGT® actively monitors and protects against overload, over-discharge and overheating
• XGT® Tools and Batteries are designed with a multi-layer contact interface for more constant power delivery to take on high-current demands
• XGT® Batteries feature rigid rails with impact-resistant construction to secure the battery to the tool during high-demand applications (battery not included)
• The XGT® Rapid Charger with dual-fan design circulates air through the battery to cool the battery and circuit board quickly for faster charging (charger not included)
• The XGT® Rapid Charger’s digital display indicates battery charge level (-80%, +80%, 100%)
• The XGT® Rapid Charger’s built-in chip thoroughly communicates during the charging process to control current, voltage, and temperature for more efficient charging

• Capacity (wood, w/ hole saw) : 6-1/4"
• Capacity (wood, w/ ship auger bit) : 2"
• Capacity (wood, w/ self feed bit) : 4-5/8"
• No Load Speed (var. 2 spd) : 0 - 400 / 0 - 1,500 RPM
• Battery : 40V max XGT® Lithium-Ion
• Overall Length : 21-1/4"
• Net Weight (with battery) : 12.8 lbs.
• Chuck Size : 1/2"
• Chuck Type : Keyed
• Capacity (steel) : 1/2"
• Shipping Weight : 13.67 lbs.
• Form Factor (LXT) : X2
• Motor Type : Brushless
• UPC Code : 088381-742580

The 40V max XGT Brushless ½” Right Angle Drill (GAD01Z) offers freedom from the cord for demanding drilling applications. A Makita-built brushless motor, two-speed transmission, and variable speeds (0-350 RPM, 0-1,400 RPM), deliver for maximum efficiency and wide range of drilling applications. It can drill up to 6-1/4” holes with hole saws and 4-5/8” holes with self-feed bits. Added features include a torque limiter to reduce gear damage, soft start for smooth start-ups, an electric brake for maximum productivity, and dual L.E.D. lights to illuminate the work area. It includes a side handle which attaches to either side of the tool. The drill features Extreme Protection Technology (XPT™), a series of integrated seals designed to improve a tool’s operation in harsh conditions. Water and solid debris that enter a tool are redirected through carefully engineered channels and ducts to prevent damage to key components, such as triggers, motors, and other electronics. XGT is a system of equipment, tools, batteries, and chargers utilizing 40v max lithium-ion batteries. XGT is engineered to deliver high power to take on high-demand applications, allowing users to completely transition to a cordless job site. XGT is equipped with advanced brushless motor engineering, intelligent digital communication, and superior durability features to outpower, outsmart and outlast the rest.