SKU: Makita EK8100

Makita EK8100 16" 81cc Power Cutter



• Universal wrench (965-210-222)
• Torx key (940-827-000)
• Screwdriver (944-827-001)
• Adapter ring (20mm to 1) (394-228-121)
• Hose Connector (964-802-282)

• Powerful 81 cc. engine produces 5.6 HP to complete the most challenging applications
• SLR Muffler recycles unburned fuel vapor for reduced scavenging-losses and up to 15% improved fuel consumption
• Ignition coil with start support function stores electrical energy with each pull for more efficient ignition at start up
• Improved decompression valve and metering spring for precise fuel regulation
• On-Off-Choke operation switch on a single lever for operator convenience
• Microchip controlled carburetor engineered to compensate engine timing according to work load
• Five-stage, foam-paper-nylon system with advance direction air flow provides cleaner air for better saw performance
• Cutting arm position simply changes from center position to flush (outboard) position allowing cuts directly adjacent to curb edges, wall or directly above the ground
• Four vibration-absorbing rubber engine mounts and two mass-dampening systems for reduced vibration
• Aluminum guard and wheel pressure plates for reduced weight
• Water kit assembled to saw for use with a garden hose, dolly & gravity feed tank (DT2010)

• Engine
• Displacement 4.9 cc.
• Max Power 5.6 HP
• No Load Speed 9,350 RPM
• Fuel
• Mixture 50:1
• Tank Capacity (oz.) 37
• Blades
• Max Spindle Speed 3,820 RPM
• Wheel Diameter 16"