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  • MK Morse MHS20 1-1/4" Bi-Metal Hole Saw
SKU: MK Morse MHS20

MK Morse MHS20 1-1/4" Bi-Metal Hole Saw



• (1) Hole Saw

• Patent Pending Tooth Set Design optimized to remove material faster.
• Side Slot for Increased Leverage for Fast and Easy Slug Removal.
• Premium M42 High Speed Steel Cutting Edge
• New Cap reduces run out and vibration.
• Enhanced Product Life – 2 x’s the life of the current Morse AV Hole Saw
• External coating reduces side wall friction for efficient cutting.

• Cutting Depth: 1-15/16” (49mm)
• Size: 1-1/4"
• Length: 3.9"
• Width: 1.6"

The ALL-NEW Advanced Bi-Metal Hole Saw by Morse Our latest sawing innovation replaces all current Morse bi-metal hole saw solutions into one, simple optimized powerhouse.