SKU: Love-Less Ash 13001

Love-Less Ash 13001 Wet/Dry Dustless Vacuum Filter Package



• (1) Primary Filter
• (1) Secondary Filter

• 2-stage inner and outer fabric filters
• Machine washable - long life
• Stay dry at all times
• Clean outer filter without opening canister by wiggling the agitator rod
• No need to change when changing from wet to dry vacuuming
• Large surface area for maximum airflow

• Captures dust particles down to .5 microns

These filters are sold in sets that include one outer filter and one inner filter for the patented Dustless Wet/Dry Vacuum. These vacuum filters are part of the patented filtration system that differentiates the Dustless Wet/Dry Vacuum from typical wet dry vacuums. This filter system is specifically designed to capture the extremely fine dust created by grinding, cutting and sanding materials like concrete, stone, masonry, fiberglass and drywall.