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Part Number: 7L UPC: 085363048166 Weight: 0.76


Lenox 1L Specifications

•  Fits Hole Saws : 24L-96L

•  Shank Type: Hex

•  Shank Size (Inches): 3/8 & larger

Lenox 1L Features

•  Added durability-

Hardened carbon steel for strength through the cross-section.

•  Starts on contact-

Split point pilot drill for faster penetration and less walking.

•  Simple plug ejection -

7L arbor is designed with sliding pins to easily eject plugs from hole saws.

•  Easy to use -

Power groove shank allows arbors to be used in LENOX® Uni-Drive Quick

Change System. No tool changes required (3L, 5L, 6L and 7L).

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