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Part Number: 610R UPC: 002472256266 Weight: 2


Lenox 610R Blade Specifications

TPI : 10

Length: 6"

Thickness: .035

Width: 3/4"

Lenox 610R Blade Features

•  Shatter resistant

Bi-metal blades bend and resist

breaking and extend blade life.

•  Designed to attack

Unique blade geometry positions

the blade for optimum cutting


•  Long lasting

TUFF TOOTH™ design is reinforced

to cut stronger and last longer.

Lenox 610R Applications

•  Nail-embedded wood, Composition materials & plastics. Pipe, Carbon steel,

•  Stainless steel: 1/8”–1/4”

•  Non-ferrous metal: 1/8”–1/2” thick

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