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Lenox 308011200P Plumber's Speed Slot Bi-Metal Hole Saw 17-Piece Set

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• 7/8" Hole Saw
• 1-1/8" Hole Saw
• 1-1/2" Hole Saw
• 1-3/4" Hole Saw
• 2-1/4" Hole Saw
• 2-9/16" Hole Saw
• 3" Hole Saw
• 3-1/2" Hole Saw
• 4" Hole Saw
• 4-1/4" Hole Saw
• 4-1/2" Hole Saw
• SNAP-BACK Arbors: 2L Hole Saw
• 5L Hole Saw
• Three pilot drills

• BI-METAL HOLE SAW KITS: Convenient Storage for Trade-Specific Uses
• DURABLE: Durable construction resists damage caused by drops and tough workplace environments
• SNAP-BACK ARBORS: No Tools. No Adaptors. No Screwing Around.
• QUICK CHANGE: Faster and easier to engage / disengage hole saw
• PREVENTS THREADS FROM STRIPPING: Drives off pins, not threads
• NO TOOLS NEEDED: Prevents hole saw from locking on arbor
• NO ADAPTOR REQUIRED: Arbor threads directly into all hole saws
• Easier Plug Removal
• BI-METAL HOLE SAWS: Long Lasting, Fast Cutting And Versatile
• PLUG REMOVAL AS EASY AS 1-2-3 WITH SPEED SLOT: Features a staircase design for easy plug removal
• UP TO 2X LIFE IN METAL CUTTING: Enhanced tooth geometry, a thin kerf design, and an advanced coating contribute to the efficiency of the cutting process
• SECURE: Latches close case tightly and securely. Lockable with standard padlocks
• LONG LASTING: Metal latches and metal pin hinges won't break or tear

WARNING Cancer and/or Reproductive Harm –