SKU: Knipex Tools 87 00 100

Knipex Tools 87 00 100 4" Cobra XS Water Pump Pliers



• (1) Water Pump Pliers

• Compact design and slim head provides firm grip even in tight spaces
• One-handed quick adjustment for fitting various workpiece sizes
• Secure gripping capacity up to 1"
• Box-joint design provides high stability
• Gripping surfaces with special hardened teeth
• Self-locking on pipes and nuts: no slipping on the workpiece and low hand-force required
• Pinch guard prevents fingers being pinched
• 11 adjustment positions

• Pliers: Gray Atramentized
• Head: Polished
• Handles: Embossed, Rough Surface
• Length: 100 mm
• Adjustment Positions: 11
• Capacity for Nuts: Ø 1" (24 mm)
• Capacity for Pipe: Ø 28 mm

Small, useful and anything but a toy! The Cobra® XS is a new, compact member of the KNIPEX Cobra® family. It is a fully functional pair of high-tech water pump pliers that really comes into its own in tight spaces. With fine adjustment directly on the workpiece, this tool provides eleven adjustment positions and can grip nuts up to 24 mm in diameter and other workpieces as large as 28 mm – at an overall length of only 100 millimetres. Owing to its compact size, the Cobra® XS can be easily used with only one hand. Like all products in the KNIPEX Cobra® family, the Cobra® XS is of course self-locking on pipes and nuts: The result is no slipping at the workpiece and operations such as gripping, holding, pressing and bending are considerably less strenuous.