SKU: Klein 66080

Klein 66080 2-in-1 Penta/Hex Flip Socket with Adapter



• (1) 2-in-1 Penta/Hex Flip Socket with Adapter

• Easy-to-use flip feature allows for quick changes between Penta and Hex socket sizes
• Includes two of the most common socket sizes (13/16-Inch Penta and 3/4-Inch Hex) in one tool
• 5-Point, 13/16-Inch Penta socket works with security bolts commonly used in underground distribution work
• 6-Point, 3/4-Inch Hex socket is easier to position
• Deep well socket with 1/2-Inch drive works great for hardware installation and removal
• 1/2 to 1/2-Inch square adapter has a black manganese phosphate finish for rust resistance
• Includes a ball detent that helps prevent unintentional separation of adapter and socket
• Socket engineered for use with impact drivers including Klein's 1/2-Inch Compact Impact Wrench (Cat. Nos. BAT20CW, BAT20CW1)
• Color coded to easily identify the size of the socket

• Overall Length: 1.23" (3.12 cm)
• Overall Width: 1.23" (3.12 cm)
• Overall Height: 4.72" (11.98 cm)
• Material: 4140 Steel (66081) / S2 Steel (X66078)
• Drive Size: 1/2"
• Number of Points: 6
• Socket Size: 13/16" Penta, 3/4" Hex
• Type: Impact Rated
• Special Features: Flip Socket
• Application: Pole Hardware Installation and Removal; Underground Distribution Work
• Standard: ASME B107.17M / B107.4
• Weight: 12.4 oz (350 g)

Klein Tools' Penta Hex Flip Socket with Adapter is a must have for all tradesmen. The 13/16-Inch Penta and 3/4-Inch Hex Flip Socket combines two of the most common socket sizes into one tool. The socket is designed for use with an impact driver including Klein's Impact Wrench (Cat. Nos. BAT20CW, BAT20CW1). The 1/2 to 1/2-Inch square adapter includes a ball detent to help prevent unintentional separation from the socket.