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• High strength spring steel fish tapes are stiff for long runs and are great for heavy duty wire pulls.

• Tempered, high quality tape keeps its stability as it glides between surfaces for effective pushing and pulling of wire under carpets, through insulated walls and over suspended ceilings.

• Laser etched markings in 1' increments allow you to more accurately measure the depth of conduit runs and determine the amount of tape left to pay out.

• Polypropylene case and handle offer the maximum in impact resistance.

• Raised fingergrips transfer 100% of the winding power from your hand and fingers.

• Full grip style handle gives you a firm, steady grip as you pull tape from the case.

• Unique sloped handle optimizes hand position for quick hand-over-hand rewinds.

• The 13" case diameter means you can reel in 15% more tape in a single revolution than similar sized 12" tapes, saving you time and effort.

• Patents: D574,277; 8,212,178; 8,168,921; 8,164,025. Other patents pending.

• Wear approved eye protection when feeding, pulling or rewinding fish tape.

• Do NOT use any fish tape on or near live circuits. Use extreme caution when working near any electrical equipment.

• Use a safe work position to avoid loss of balance when using fish tape.

• Use a safe work position to avoid loss of balance when using fish tape.

• Never form pulling loop into a single loop (into shape of a fish hook) or create a sharp edge that could cause fish tape to catch on other objects or cut into insulation of surrounding wires. Pulling loop should only be formed into a double loop.


• Reel Diameter: 13" (330 mm)

• Tape Size: 100' L x 1/4" W x .062" H (30 m L x 6.3 mm W x 1.5 mm H)

• Weight (lbs.): 6.8

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