SKU: Klein 46037

Klein Tools 46037 Cable Splicer's Kit



• (1) Cable-splicers Knife
• (1) Electricians Scissors
• (1) Slotted Leather Holder For Belts

• Includes cable splicer's knife, electricians scissors, and 2-pocket leather pouch
• Cuts cable, telephone wire, and strips insulation
• Dimensions: 2-1/8-Inch (54 mm) x 7-1/2-Inch (191 mm)
• Knife's textured handle provides comfortable grip
• Pouch is riveted and stitched for added durability
• Electrician's Scissors feature wire stripping notches

• Application: Cuts Cable, Telephone Wire, and Strips Insulation
• Color: Black
• Included: Cable Splicer's Knife (Cat. No. 44200), Electrician's Scissors with Stripping Notches (Cat. No. 2100-7), Slotted Leather Holder (Cat. No. 5187)
• Weight: 8.0 oz (227 g)

Klein Tools' Cable Splicer's Kit contains a knife, pouch and Electrician's Scissors. The knife's textured handle provides a firm, comfortable grip. The pouch is riveted and stitched for extra durability. The Electrician's Scissors feature notches for stripping 19 AWG and 23 AWG.