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Part Number: 2-640-741-0 UPC: 036339407418 Weight: 1.82



• (1) Wand assembly


• Easy to use, simply attach to a Kärcher trigger gun compatible with all Kärcher electric pressure washers

• Right angle permits the cleaning of hard to reach areas

• Enables more complete vehicle cleaning by easily removing mud and debris from tire wells, and also making it easier to clean the roof areas of SUV’s, vans, trucks, RV's, etc.

• An excellent, environmentally-friendly tool for cleaning home gutters without having to climb ladders especially when paired with Kärcher’s four piece extension wand


• Compatible with: K 2.150, K 2.20 M Plus, K 2.26 M Plus, K 2.26 M T50, K 2.27 CCK, K 2.29, K 2.350, K 2.360 CCK, K 2.425, K 3.350, K 3.450, K 3.48 M Plus, K 3.49 M Plus, K 3.540, K 3.690, K 3.740, K 5.540, K 5.68 MD Plus, K 5.690, K 5.740, K 5.85 M

An angled spray lance that is ideal for cleaning tire walls, roof gutters and other hard-to-reach areas. The 90° angle on the end of this metal wand makes it easy to clean the roof area of trucks and SUV’s, as well as remove mud and other debris from tire walls. The Right Angle Wand performs double duty by also cleaning gutters, especially when paired with a Kärcher extension wand, easily forcing leaves and other obstructions out of the gutter using nothing more than water pressure. 30 inches long assembled.

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