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  • Jackson 29055 F60 8" x 0.02" x 15-1/2"C Shape Mesh Wire Face Shield
SKU: Jackson 29055

Jackson 29055 F60 8" x 0.02" x 15-1/2"C Shape Mesh Wire Face Shield



• (1) Wire mesh faceshield

• Wire mesh faceshield are not splash protectors
• Apply over a faceshield to dissipate heat
• Ideal for flying debris applications
• Air flow for comfort
• Protects against flying, abrasive particles and chemical splash
• Designed to dissipate heat in high heat working conditions that require increased ventilation
• Designed to be used with another faceshield underneath
• 20 mesh steel faceshield allows for maximum visible air transmission
• Bound faceshield has aluminum binding encompassing the sides and bottom of the shield to enable the user to shape the shield to their face for added protection

• Color: Black
• Material: Steel Mesh
• Series: F60
• Suitable For Use With: 29077 Headgear
• Type: C Shape Bounded
• Visor Height: 8 in
• Visor Thickness: 0.02 in
• Visor Width : 15-1/2 in
• Standards: ANSI Z87.1-2010

JACKSON SAFETY F60 Wire Mesh Faceshield is designed to provide maximum air flow and on-the-job protection for heat applications, grinding, flying debris, splash protection and more, when used in conjunction with appropriate protective eyewear. This durable, steel mesh visor can be used over a compatible plastic face shield to help dissipate heat. Replacement visor snaps into place on compatible head gear and hard hats – no special tools required. Bound with an aluminum brim, for ease of molding it to your chosen headgear. Compatible with Jackson Safety Hard Hat Interchange System.