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JOBOX 1-510990 Mobile Field Office



• (1) Mobile Field Office

• Full Size Desk, Easily Handles Size "E" Prints
• 11 Shelves for Optimized Organization While on the Job
• Removable Upper Shelf Opens the Rear Wall to Add a Monitor
• Extreme Mobility for Convenience on the Job; Roll It (Through 36" Doors), Telehandle It, Or Hoist It
• Perfect Desk Height for Comfort While Working
• Slide-Out Bottom Shelf for Easy Access to Items

“The Office You Take with You"….Making your work easier and better organized, your new JOBOX Mobile Field Office rolls through 36" commercial doorways and is designed for you to easily add Digital Connectivity with a monitor, backup battery power and printer. Its reinforced construction, built-in lockable security, and heavy-duty 6" locking casters ensure years of service, security, and convenience.  Roll it, Hoist it or Telehandle it wherever you need it.