SKU: Guardian 15040

Guardian 15040 Ace Anchor



• Meets or exceeds all physical ANSI/OSHA standards
• Inexpensive
• Easy to install
• Durable
• Requires 3000psi concrete

The Guardian Fall Protection “Ace Concrete Anchor” has been specifically designed for poured in place concrete and can be spec'd into architectural drawings prior to the start of a building. This inexpensive, single anchor point attachment is ideal for those in the building trades during the construction phase, as well as by facility maintenance crews utilizing it down the road. This product in particular meets or exceeds all physical ANSI/OSHA standards, it is inexpensive, easy to install, and durable. It does require 3000psi concrete and is not designed for horizontal lifeline use. The “Ace Concrete Anchor” can, however, be installed for use with lanyards, vertical lifelines and retractable lifelines. The cover plate is designed to protect the anchor point while not in use. By removing the cover plate, the anchor point is easily accessible. The “Ace Concrete Anchor” comes complete with an anchor kit and is easily installed by nailing to framework.