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Weight: 9 lbs

Tempo TV220 TDR Cable Tester for CATV

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Tempo TV220 Includes

  • (1) CATV Cable Tester

Tempo TV220 Features

  • Easier-to-use GUI interface requires little or no training
  • PC application is compatible with all the current operating systems
  • Improved clarity and trace functionality makes it even easier to identify faults on-screen and determine noise versus the fault
  • Even higher SNR and Resolution makes it easier to identify events that were previously difficult or impossible to find
  • Zero dead zone at the launch allows the user to see faults immediately
  • Improved trace update rate allows you to see changes to the fault faster (5 times/sec. versus 2 times/sec.)
  • Higher capacity to hold traces
  • USB interface for trace download
  • Lighter weight and longer charge life with the new lithium-ion battery
  • TestWizard™ one-button testing
  • Automatic Return Loss Measurements
  • Automatic Multiple Event Marking
  • High-Resolution, Short Pulse Width (1 ns)

Tempo TV220 Specifications

5 Digit UPC 00676

WARNING Cancer and/or Reproductive Harm –