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Greenlee G3 Tugger Cable Puller

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Greenlee G3 Features

  • Adjustable: Clamp easily adjusts for different sizes of conduit.
  • Safer: Right angle sheave safely keeps operators out of direct line of pulls.
  • Faster: Dual capstan pulls; High Speed: 97 ft/min, Low Speed: 41 ft/min
  • Portable: Handle and wheels for increased mobility around jobsites.
  • Easier: Change tail length, pull direction, and angle of pull with ease.
  • Versatile: Can hook on the back of a truck hitch.
  • Dependable: Customized motor with circuit breaker specifically designed for cable pulling.

Greenlee G3 Specifications

Continuous Pulling Force:1200 lbs
Intermittent Pulling Force:2000 lbs

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