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Greenlee 855GX Programmable Electric Smart Conduit Bender (120 VAC, 20A)

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Greenlee 855GX Description

Ready In Two Steps - Orient Shoes, Select Angle, Bend

Configuring the Greenlee 855GX between horizontal and vertical bending can be done in seconds with its unique pivoting cylinder. The 855GX comes with a robust pendant controller and state-of-the-art LCD interface that allows the operator to save and transfer multiple bends.

Productive - 4X Faster Setup

The 855GX has ability to accomplish any bend, including the most complex 3D bends with ease, all managed through the user-friendly and intelligent LCD. The ability to save and replicate the same bend on other 855GXs makes this unit extremely beneficial on the job. Save bends via USB drive to use on jobs that demand many types of high quality bends.

Accurate - Less Scrap & Rework

The 855GX has all the capabilities to accomplish the most complicated bends with ease and speed. It can bend 3/4” Rigid (in either the 1” Rigid or 1” EMT shoe grooves) and 1” to 2” Rigid, EMT or IMC conduit with just one shoe. Absolute encoder-based system with bending tables so the unit knows the position of the shoe, automatically accounts for springback and can communicate bend marking dimensions.

Reliable - More Uptime to Bend

Rigid frame and drive train construction for consistent bending performance over the life of the bender. Newly-designed pendant controller features tactile feedback buttons as well as rare earth magnets for strong holding power to the bender. Robust solid state electrical system eliminates arcing and potential relay failure. This helps increase the life of electronics while allowing the 855GX to handle a variety of jobsite power sources. Built-in storage, braking system and fork lift tubes for greater flexibility and mobility around the jobsite.

Greenlee 855GX Specifications

Amperage Rating: 20 AMP GFCI Protected Receptacle
Bend Radius: 7.000" (177.800 MM) - 9.000" (228.600 MM) (EMT, IMC Rigid) For 1.000" - 2.000" Shoe Size
Standard: C/US UL Listed
Type: Programmable
Voltage Rating: 120 VAC
Capacity: 3/4" - 2" Rigid, 1" - 2" EMT, IMC
Sub Brand: IntelliBender

    Product Overview

  1. Easy to use LCD interface - program 7 different bends with ability to save 3 locally, or unlimited number to USB memory stick.

  2. Capability to bend 3/4" Rigid & 1 - 2" EMT/IMC/Rigid with no loose parts. Quick pivot for changing between vertical and horizontal orientations.

  3. Avoid scrap and speed bending with the patent pending auto conduit size and conduit type smart sensors.

  4. Superior portability - stability and on-board storage via fork tubes, hoist bar, large wheels, wheel brake bar, storage box and tray

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