SKU: Greenlee 645-001

Greenlee 645-001 Quick Change Carbide Pilot Drill 5/8" through 2-1/4"



Greenlee 645-001 Specifications:
** BIT ONLY ** • Quick Change Carbide Pilot Drill for sizes 5/8" through 2-1/4"

Greenlee 645-001 Features:
• Cuts stainless steel quickly and easily.
• Quick Change arbor allows you to change cutter heads with a simple push and a turn. Use the same arbor for different size cutting heads.
• Removable cutter heads available in sizes from 5/8" through 3".
• Flange stop prevents over-drilling.
• Ejector Spring on all sizes above 3/4" makes removal of slug easier.
• Replaceable, cobalt-steel pilot drill with split-point tip to prevent walking.
• Precision carbide teeth for optimum performance and durability.
• Minimum chuck size of 3/8" (9.5 mm)