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  • General Tool 94C Pin Vise, .045" To .125"
SKU: General Tool 94C

General Tool 94C Pin Vise, .045" To .125"



• Single End Pin Vises are great for holding small tools such as drill bits, taps and reamers.
• In addition, the bodies are hollow to allow the Pin Vises to be used with long rods or wire.
• Each Pin Vise features a hardened steel collet with a unique jaw capacity for use with varying tool sizes.
• This individual Pin Vise is designed for holding tools from 0.045” to 0.125” in diameter.
• RANGE - 0.045 to 0.125" (1.1 to 3.2mm) A - 3-13/16" (97mm) B - 7/16" (11mm) C - 1/4" (6mm)