SKU: Gardner Bender 13-1H1

Gardner Bender 13-1H1 Hex-Lok ULTRA Wire Connector, Tan, H1; 500/Bag



• (500) Connectors

• 16 Gauge, Zinc Plated Steel
• Embossed with size and part number for fast identification
• Includes retaining arm and screw
• Square wire spring grabs and holds wires for secure connections
• Long skirt covers stripped wires
• Rated at 600V max in building wire and at 1000V max in lighting, fixtures/luminaries and signs
• Copper to copper connections only
• Wire range #22-#8

• Min: 3 #22
• Max: 3 #10

These multi-range hex-head connectors cover 95 percent of everyday applications making them the simple choice for all of your wire connection needs. Don't worry about using a hex tool to install - you can't over-torque this connector because it's patented hex-head design strips out at UL torque saving the wires and your fingers. Inside the connector a zinc-plated square wire spring ensures a secure connection that resists corrosion. The thermoplastic shell is designed for long-lasting strength and resists chemicals while the deep skirt supports smooth wire entry and coverage of stripped wires. Use for: Large appliances, Timers, Indoor lighting, Switches, Ballasts, Junction Box, Air conditioners