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Freud LM75R010 10" x 30T x 5/8 Glue Line Rip Blade

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Only 2 left in stock

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Freud LM75R010 Specifications:
•  Diameter: 10"
•  Teeth: 30 TCG
•  Arbor: 5/8"
•  Kerf: .091
•  Plate: .071

Freud LM75R010 Features:
•  Exclusive Freud-made TiCo Hi-Density Carbide with Titanium - designed and manufactured by Freud specifically for each cutting application to maximize cutting life and material finish in a variety of materials.
•  Tri-Metal Brazing - consisting of copper sandwiched between two layers of silver alloy to create a stronger, more impact-resistant bond between the carbide and the bit.
•  Perma-SHIELD Permanent Non-Stick Coating - reduces friction and resin adhesion while preventing corrosion for less work and cleaner cuts.
•  Computer Balancing - reduces chatter, resulting in clean, smooth profiles.
•  Triple Chip Grind Tooth Geometry - provides consistent relief angles on the entire cutting edge, which reduces burning and provides a flawless finish.
•  Kickback-Reducing Design - restricts the amount of material that can be fed, reducing the effects of kickback from overfeeding.