SKU: Freud D0704DH

Freud D0704DH 7-1/4" x 4T x 5/8 PCD Tipped Hardie Fiber Cement Saw Blade



Freud D0704DH Specifications:
•  Diameter: 7-1/4"
•  Teeth: 4
•  Arbor: 5/8"

Freud D0704DH Features:
•  The only approved James Hardie polycrystalline diamond (PCD) tipped fiber cement saw blade
•  The PCD triple chip design offers up to 60-times longer cutting life than standard carbide blades
•  The laser cut thin kerf design gives fast and precise cuts with less dust and waste.
•  Anti-vibration design stabilizes the blade and reduces noise while cutting
•  Non-Stick Perma-Shield coating to reduce heat