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Part Number: CHVCWB-2 UPC: 039800074010 Weight: 1


Energizer CHVCWB-2 Specifications:

•  Charges AA and AAA batteries (NiMH Rechargeable batteries only)

• Battery Chemistry: Nimh

• Cell Sizes:

•  2 to 4 AA batteries in pairs

•  2 to 4 AAA batteries in pairs

• Charge Rate:

•  AA - 0.19 Amps

•  AAA - 0.09 Amps

Energizer CHVCWB-2 Includes:

•  CHVCWB2 Energizer Value Charger for AA / AAA Ni mh batteries

Energizer CHVCWB-2 Features:

•  Charges fully discharged batteries overnight

•  Offers reverse polarity protection

•  Built in safety timer and temperature control

•  Trickle charge keep battery at full capacity

•  Charge status indicator alerts when batteries are ready

Note: The charger must NOT be used for Alkaline, Carbon Zinc, Lithium or any other type of battery not specified on this charger.

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