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  • Empire eXT78 48" -78" eXT Extendable TRUE BLUE Box Level
SKU: Empire Level eXT78

Empire eXT78 48" -78" eXT Extendable TRUE BLUE Box Level



• (1) eXT78 Level

• Extends 48" - 78" for Exact Fit in Any Job
• Replace up to 3 level sizes
• Adjustable slide control for custom friction fit extension resistance and long life performance
• Mark & scribe edge for continuous scribing capability even when extended
• e-BAND™ Vial Technology for superior readability & 0.0005"/in accuracy
• Tool-free removable end cap allows for scribing accurately into corners.
• Rear plumb vial window for easy viewing on both sides.
• Integrated ruler scale for repeat layout applications
• High-contrast vial surrounds for improved visibility

• Length: 48"
• Height: 2.38"
• Width: 1.57"
• Weight: 5.38

The Empire® 48” – 78” eXT Extendable TRUE BLUE® Box Level provides users with the most versatile performance with the ability to extend for exact fit in any job. The extendable box level enables users to achieve a perfect fit in custom or odd size applications with constant surface contact for an accurate read across the full length of material. The adjustable sizing allows users to replace up to 3 levels and carry less while maintaining productivity to complete the job. The adjustable slide control mechanism allows for customizable friction fit resistance and long life performance. The Empire patented e-BAND™ Vial Technology provides users with superior readability and reliable 0.0005”/in accuracy. The extendable level's mark & scribe edge allows for continuous scribing across the full length of the level, even when extended. The Empire 48” – 78” eXT Extendable TRUE BLUE® Box Level offers leading versatility and accuracy for all tradespeople and the applications they face on a day-to-day basis.