SKU: Empire Level E75.48

Empire Level E75.48 48" True Blue Box Level



• Includes: (1) 48" True Blue® Box Level

• High impact acrylic e-Band™ block vials offer superior durability.
• Reinforced vial locking system secures acrylic block vials and delivers long life accuracy by resisting breaking, leaking or fogging.
• Tool-free removable, shock absorbing end caps provide superior protection and scribing performance.
• Precision milled edges for guaranteed accuracy.
• Surface grippers prevent the level from sliding on flat or angled surfaces.
• High contrast vial surrounds feature e-Band™ Vials that highlight the edge of the bubble and improve visibility
• Ergonomic, grip zones enhance comfort and portability.

• 300° viewing window maximizes range of view.
• .0005"/inch Accuracy in all working positions
• Limited lifetime warranty on frame and vials.

As the dominant market leader in levels, squares, and marking products, Empire Level is committed to delivering innovative solutions designed to satisfy the needs of the modern jobsite. The e75 Series True Blue® Box Levels are engineered to offer the very best in performance, durability, and technology. The box levels are constructed with an all-metal frame as well as top and bottom precision-milled edges to deliver accuracy to within .0005”/inch in all working positions. Core to the e75’s durability is its Reinforced Vial Locking System which provides increased defense against jobsite abuse. For added protection, the e75 features integrated shock-absorbing endcaps that can easily be removed tool-free for use in tight spaces or in long distance scribing. Magnetic models boast high-strength rare earth magnets for superior holding power when working with door frames, steel studs, ferrous pipe and other common metal-working applications.