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  • Empire Level E2994 7" TRUE BLUE Laser Etched Rafter Square
SKU: Empire Level E2994

Empire Level E2994 7" TRUE BLUE Laser Etched Rafter Square



• (1) Rafter square

• Hi-Visibility laser etched markings
• SCRIBE-GUIDE™ precison scribe notches
• 15% wider heel for a secure hold on all jobsite material
• Anodized aluminum will not rust or corrode
• Extruded aluminum more durable than diecast
• Conversion tables for common application needs
• Link to rafter square manual
• Made in the USA
• Limited lifetime warranty

• Length: 7.20"
• Height: 1.10"
• Width: 7.25"

The EMPIRE® True Blue® Laser Etched 7 in. Rafter Square (e2994) has permanent laser markings for superior readability in any light condition. SCRIBE-GUIDE™ precision scribe notches allow for easily marking parallel lines on lumber. Hi-visibility laser etched markings won't fade after heavy use. The rafter layout square is made from a durable anodized aluminum that is more durable than diecast and will not rust or corrode. The Empire rafter square has conversion tables for common applications. The square has an increased heel width that is up to 15% wider than leading competitors for increased stability on all job site material.