SKU: Empire Level E250M

Empire E250M 300mm TRUE BLUE Combination Square



• (1) Combination square

• BLADE-LOCK™ for fast adjustment and secure hold
• Precision Machined Working Surfaces
• DUAL-PITCH™ Vial for checking 1 and 2 degree slope
• Rational head dimensions
• Cast Zinc Head
• Stainless Steel Blade
• Scriber
• High Visibility Markings
• Made in the USA with Global Materials
• Limited life time warranty

• Length: 5.25"
• Height: 0.75"
• Width: 12.00"

The EMPIRE® 300mm TRUE BLUE® Combination Square (e250M) has precision machined working surfaces and a head with rational dimensions for a quick check of common measurements. The square has the BLADE-LOCK™ self-aligning drawbolt allowing quick adjustments with a secure hold. The DUAL-PITCH™ TRUE BLUE® Vial allows easy checks for level, one-, and two-degree slope. The 300mm etched stainless steel blade will not fade over time and has high-visibility markings. The combo square also has onboard storage for a hardened scriber.