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Eagle Industries SLN-1010 10' x 10' Bright Orange Skylight Safety Net

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Eagle Ind. SLN-1010 Description

Skylight Safety Nets are made of high tenacity 4" polypropylene knotless nets and are used during new construction, renovation, and maintenance roof work as a form of personnel fall protection where skylights are present. the Skylight Safety Net is designed to keep personnel from falling through an opening that is either not properly secured with a hardcover or is otherwise a temporarily unprotected roof opening. The nets fit over a raised rectangular skylight or hatch opening to which a 1.5" Web Ratched Strap can be sinched to the size of the opening.

**Dynamic drop test refers to the average strength of the netting as a whole under adynamic load. Rating is the force of the impact calculated from the weight of the load, height of the drop and reflection, or sag of the net under load.**

Eagle Ind. SLN-1010 Includes

  • (1) Safety net
  • (1) Green web strapping
  • (1) Ratchet Strap

Eagle Ind. SLN-1010 Features

  • Provides safety fall protection for workers during roof skylight installation and maintenance work
  • Custom sizes available
  • Made in USA
  • High tenacity polypropylene knotless net (HTTP)

Eagle Ind. SLN-1010 Specifications

Net Size:10' x 10'
Mesh Size:4" inch square
Cord Diameter:3/16" inch
Dynamic Drop Test:7,000 ft-lbs.
Break Strength:720 lbf
Color:Bright Safety Orange
Border:Reinforced with rope border edges
Melting Point:320° F