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  • Eagle Industries-Enclosures SN-12150-ORG-FR 12' x 150' Flame Retardant Safety Debris Netting, 24 Rolls
SKU: Eagle Ind. SN-12150-ORG-FR

Eagle Industries-Enclosures SN-12150-ORG-FR 12' x 150' Flame Retardant Safety Debris Netting, 24 Rolls



• (24) Rolls of safety debris netting

• High density knitted polyethylene mesh netting
• 1/4” mesh hole openings
• Edges include reinforced borders for fastening
• Roll widths: 2', 4', 5'6", 8'6", 10'6", 12', 15', 17', custom sewing
• UV treated & protected
• Tear resistant mesh netting
• Will not unravel when cut
• Mesh design allows air to pass through
• Remains flexible in cold weather climates
• Non-Flame Retardant (Non-FR)
• Flame Retardant (FR) meets NFPA 701 Test Method 2
• Guardrail netting, floor-to-ceiling debris netting, scaffold netting, barricade netting

• Benefits: Vertical debris protection, Helps contain tools, debris, jobsite materials from falling, Protects workers, pedestrians, adjacent properties, Creates a temporary guardrail, Creates a visual barrier for safety, Will not unravel when cut, Remains flexible in all weather climates
• Applications: Guardrail debris safety protection, Visual safety barrier, Scaffolding enclosure, Construction crowd control, Demolition, dust and debris control, Building wrap enclosure, Vertical floor-to-floor debris protection, Swing stages and access equipment
• ROLL SIZE: 12' x 150'
• COLOR: Orange FR
• FR/NON-FR: Flame Retardant

Safety Debris Netting is a 1/4” knitted mesh material commonly used for guardrail debris protection, scaffolding enclosures or visual safety debris net barriers. Safety Debris Netting is made from high density polyethylene (HDPE) with UV inhibitors for maximum life expectancy. The open knitted mesh design allows for air flow yet still provides containment of small and chunk debris. Safety Debris Netting rolls include reinforced hemmed edges for fastening purposes allowing an easy, safe and secure installation. All rolls are tightly packaged into clear poly bags with branded labels for easy shipping and handling. All Eagle Safety Debris Netting is tested and approved to meet the standards of today’s industrial and construction industry.