SKU: Dremel A550

Dremel A550 Shield Attachment Kit



• (1) Shield
• (1) Metal Cutting Wheel
• (1) EZ402 EZ Lock Mandrel
• (1) 8193 Grinding Stone
• (1) 428 Wire Brush

• Redirects sparks – increased comfort from debris and sparks during cutting, grinding, sanding, and polishing applications
• Easy to use design – spring friction design allows for quick adjustment and accessibility to accessory
• Compact size– does not interfere with the workpiece as it redirects debris and sparks
• Clear and simple solution

• Height: 2.185
• Length: 1.5"
• Material: Plastic

The Dremel rotary shield attachment provides a clear and simple solution for redirecting debris and sparks away from the user without interfering with the task at hand. The tool shield can be used with right- or left-hand grip positions and works to deflect debris on a variety of applications, including cutting, sanding, grinding and polishing. The shield can be quickly adjusted into position, provides easy access to the accessory without interfering with the workpiece.