SKU: Diamond Vantage 1812EX3-1

Diamond Vantage 1812EX3-1 18" x .125" x 1" X300 Concrete Blade



• (1) Saw Blade

• 12MM segments enable faster cutting of old, hard concrete, hard brick/pavers and other hard materials
• Laser welded alternating turbo segments for faster cutting
• Tall .472" (12mm) segments for longer blade life

• Blade Diameter 18"
• Blade Cutting Width: 0.125"
• Arbor Size: 1"
• Type: Diamond Saw Blade
• Cutting Condition: Wet/Dry
• Max RPM: 5460 RPM
• Application: Masonry
• Segment Height: .472"

Introducing the Diamond Vantage X300 Saw Blade is built on high quality. Strong cores keep this blade durable and long lasting for any concrete, brick, paving or any other hard materials project you have in the works.